The Future of Tax Free Shopping is Here

Experience next-gen tax free shopping with Pie VAT. Our digital platform equips you with data, automation, and a top-notch tourist experience. The future of tax free is frictionless, mobile, and data-driven. Are you ready to reach the next level?

Advancing the Tax Free Industry

We are reshaping tax free retail with automated refunds, real-time data insights, and revenue-boosting marketing integrations.

We are also revolutionizing the experience for tourists by enabling them to easily explore local offers, complete quick mobile claims, receive rapid 24-hour and instant refunds, and obtain exclusive discounts directly through the app.

Proudly partnered with industry leaders

Supercharge Tourism

Our digital platform provides everything you need to maximize your tax free tourism revenue.

Streamline Your Refund Process

Our automation-assisted verification, combined with a digital-first approach, accelerates the entire refund process, allowing it to be completed in less than 5 minutes.

Deliver 5-Star Tourist Experiences

With rapid mobile refunds and exclusive app-only discounts from your store, tourists get a simplified, delightful experience that drives more sales your way.

Gain Valuable Shopper Insights

Access a sophisticated analytics dashboard providing rich, real-time insights into tourist shopping patterns and behaviors. Understand precisely what, when, and why tourists purchase from you.

Don't just take our word for it

Customer Service really helped

I had some trouble initially working through the PieVAT software, but one of their Customer Service people, Maggie, gave excellent advice. With that input, the application process was fast and efficient.

One disappointing thing I learned was that not all the merchants I used were part of this system. I hope more shops learn how this system simplifies the process for their customers.



This was my first tax reclaim

This was my first tax reclaim. Purchased items in Norway and the retailer explained everything very clearly and gave link to pie app. Uploaded everything required and every step was very clear and logical. I did manage to forget an image (2 products on same receipt) and Maggie from Pie reached out within hours to help rectify. All approved immediately and funds on their way. Very impressed with what I believed would be a very drawn our painful process. Thank you for a great experience


David R Mays

Amazing response time

Response time was amazing in minutes. It's an agile system.I uploaded the wrong statement hence Maggie from Pie was on email talking to me I think it was a matter of a day for a claim to be processed by the Pie team. Excellent customer service. Thanks.

Kalyan Maddula

Effective exchange

I really appreciated assistance from Maggie - she was very concrete in her responses and advice and assisted me with uploading documents in no time. Thanks a lot!



Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to use Pie VAT?

No, registering with Pie VAT is 100% free both for retailers and tourists. Our platform is provided at no cost in order to help stores maximize their tax free potential and help tourists get their refunds as soon as possible.

Who handles support?

Pie VAT's dedicated 24/7 customer service team provides exceptional multilingual support via in-app chat, email, and social media in order to assist tourists and partners with any questions they might have.

What documents do tourists need to provide to get their tax refund?

This varies by country. Typical required documents include your passport, stamped customs forms, receipts, and images of purchased items. Our app provides instructions on the exact verification needed for each destination.

How long does it take to get a refund after submitting a claim?

Once your documentation is reviewed and approved, the refund will be sent to your Pie VAT wallet within 24 hours. Much faster than waiting months with other providers!

How long does it take retailers to get started with Pie VAT?

We take pride in our rapid onboarding process, with our fastest time from the initial request for Pie VAT to the first real order being an impressive ~30 minutes. We'll promptly equip you with all the necessary materials and documentation, allowing you to seamlessly integrate Pie VAT into your store and start offering it to your customers without delay.

How long does it take for tourists to get started with Pie VAT?

It's incredibly quick and easy for tourists to start using Pie VAT. Simply download the app, create an account in seconds, and start shopping.

What are the fees associated with Pie VAT services?

At Pie VAT, we're proud to offer a fee structure that's exceptionally competitive in the industry. Our fees are 50% lower than the industry standard. Depending on the total purchase amount, fees could be as low as 1%.