Tax Free in Spain: The Complete Guide

Spain, known for its rich cultural heritage and beautiful landscapes, also offers a rewarding shopping experience for non-EU residents through its tax free shopping system. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of tax-free shopping in Spain, ensuring visitors can make the most of VAT refunds on their purchases.

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Spain Tax Free Rules

VAT Rate in Spain

Non-EU residents can enjoy a refund of the VAT (Value Added Tax) paid on purchases in Spain, which they intend to take back to their country. This initiative is designed to enhance the shopping experience for international visitors. The VAT rate in Spain is 21%

Who Can Shop Tax Free in Spain

Tax free shopping in Spain is available to non-EU residents. This system is aimed at encouraging shopping by international tourists, making it more attractive for them to buy goods in Spain.

Minimum Amount Per Receipt

In Spain, there is no minimum purchase amount to be eligible for tax-free shopping!

How Long Until Refund Expiry

You must take your purchased goods out of the EU within three months of purchase (at the end of the third month).

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How to shop tax free in Spain: A step by step guide for tourists

At the Store in Spain: While shopping, notify the store staff that you are a non-EU resident interested in tax-free shopping. They will assist you in completing the Tax-Free form or provide you with the DIVA form for an electronic VAT refund.

Before Departing from Spain: Make sure to have the purchased items available for any potential inspection. Keep your receipts or the DIVA form readily accessible for the customs procedure.

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When you depart Spain

Departing Spain: At your departure location, show the receipts or the DIVA form along with the purchased goods for customs verification. You may use the DIVA kiosks for electronic validation.

Receiving Your Refund in Spain: After your tax refund documentation is validated, you can obtain your refund in euros or the preferred currency at major Spanish airports. For other departure points, the refund is typically processed through mail services or directly by the store where the purchases were made.

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After obtaining Customs' approval, typically indicated by a stamped form or validated DIVA document, you may need to visit the tax free operator's desk to present your approved documents. Generally, the refund can be processed back to a credit card, bank account, or e-wallet. The duration for receiving the refund can vary, potentially taking several weeks.

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Spain Tax Free Tips

Look for Tax Free Shopping Signage:

In Spain, stores offering tax-free shopping typically indicate this with "Compras Sin IVA" signs. These might be stickers on windows or doors. Additionally, you may find small displays or indicators at the counters inside the store highlighting the tax-free option.

Keep your receipts:

In Spain, it's crucial to retain all your receipts from tax-free purchases. These receipts are essential for the VAT refund process. Without them, there's a high likelihood that your request for a Customs stamp, and consequently the tax refund, could be denied. Ensure that each receipt clearly details your purchase and the VAT paid. It's a good practice to keep them organized and readily accessible, especially as you prepare for your departure from Spain. Remember, the receipts are your proof of purchase and are indispensable for the tax refund process.

Time it right:

In Spain, allow yourself some extra time at the airport for locating the DIVA validation machine and potentially a visit to the Customs office. Be prepared for potential queues, as this process can be time-consuming. It's advisable to plan your airport arrival with this in mind to ensure a smooth and stress-free departure.

Pack Smart:

In Spain, when seeking the Customs stamp for export verification, you might need to present the items you've bought. It's important to visit the Customs before checking in your luggage, ensuring that your purchased goods are packed where they can be easily accessed. After obtaining the stamp, you'll have the chance to rearrange or repack your items as needed.

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