🇳🇴 Tax Free in Norway: The Complete Guide

Norway, with its breathtaking natural beauty and a rich tapestry of history and culture, is a popular destination for tourists. An added benefit for those indulging in retail therapy in Norway is the possibility of obtaining a tax refund on the Value Added Tax (VAT) charged on their purchases. This guide will help you navigate the tax-free shopping landscape in Norway, ensuring you make the most of this opportunity.

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Norway Tax Free Rules

VAT Rate in Norway

In Norway, the VAT rate is 25% on most goods and services, while food items are taxed at 15%. The displayed prices in stores are inclusive of VAT.

Who Can Shop Tax Free in Norway

Tourists, except those residing in Sweden, Denmark, or Finland, can receive VAT refunds ranging between 12 - 19%. This makes shopping in Norway particularly advantageous for international visitors.

Minimum Amount Per Receipt

To qualify for a VAT refund, your purchase at a single store should be at least NOK 315 for regular goods and NOK 290 for food products. This threshold is relatively low, making it easier for tourists to benefit from tax-free shopping.

How Long Until Refund Expiry

You must take your purchased goods out of the EU within three months of purchase (at the end of the third month).

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How to shop tax free in Norway: A step by step guide for tourists

At the store

In Norway, when you're shopping, always remember to request tax-free service from the retailer at the time of purchase. You might need to present your passport or inform the retailer of your residence outside the EU to verify your eligibility for tax-free shopping.

Be aware that not every retailer in Norway participates in the tax-refund program. Therefore, it's advisable to look out for a tax-free shopping sign or to check with the store staff to ensure they offer tax refunds before you finalize your purchase.

Before departure day: Be sure to complete any refund forms or documented steps before you the day you depart. Do not lose your receipts, and when you pack, be sure to keep your purchased goods easily accessible.

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When you depart the EU

Before leaving the European Union from Norway, ensure that you have completed all the required forms for tax-free shopping. When you reach your departure point, which is typically an airport, your next step is to locate the Customs office, unless the tax-free operator has indicated a different procedure.

At the Customs office, you should present all your completed forms, along with your passport and other travel documents. Additionally, you'll need to show the items you've purchased. The Customs officials will review these documents and goods to process and approve your request for a tax-free refund.

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Receiving your refund: Once you have approval from Customs (usually a stamped form), to receive your refund, may need to go to the tax free operator's office and present your stamped forms. Usually the refund can be returned to a credit card, bank account, or e-wallet. Refund times may take up to a few weeks.

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Norway Tax Free Tips

Look for Tax Free Shopping Signage:

In Norway, stores that are part of the tax-free shopping scheme usually make it known by displaying "Tax Free Shopping" signs. These signs are often found as stickers on the store's windows or doors. Additionally, inside some of these stores, you may also notice small tax-free displays or signage on the counters, indicating their participation in the tax-free program.

Keep your receipts:

Be sure to keep your receipts, just in case. Without the receipt, you may be denied a Customs stamp.

Pack Smart:

In Norway, it's possible that you'll need to present the goods you've purchased when obtaining the Customs stamp for export verification. Therefore, make sure to visit the Customs office for this stamp before you check in your luggage. It's important to pack your purchased items in a manner that allows for easy access, as they may need to be inspected. After you've received the stamp, you'll have the opportunity to adjust or repack your items as needed for your journey.

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