🇸🇪 Tax Free in Sweden: The Complete Guide

Sweden, renowned for its stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage, is a prime destination for globetrotters. One of the perks for shoppers in Sweden is the opportunity to receive a refund on the Value Added Tax (VAT), which is typically included in the price of goods. This refund is a boon for tourists, allowing them to save on various purchases. Our guide aims to provide you with insights into maximizing this tax-free shopping benefit in Sweden.

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Sweden Tax Free Rules

VAT Rate in Sweden

Sweden's standard VAT rate is 25%, with certain items having reduced rates. This is slightly higher than some other European countries, making the potential savings more significant.

Who Can Shop Tax Free in Sweden

To shop tax-free, you must be a non-EU resident. This status allows tourists to benefit from VAT refunds on goods purchased during their stay in Sweden.

Minimum Amount Per Receipt

You can apply for a minimum refund of SEK 500 if the application is for a full calendar year or a consecutive period ending on the last day of the year. Otherwise, the minimum amount is SEK 4,000 for a period of at least three calendar months.

How Long Until Refund Expiry

You must take your purchased goods out of the EU within three months of purchase (at the end of the third month).

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How to shop tax free in Sweden: A step by step guide for tourists

At the store

When you make a purchase, be sure to ask for tax free from the retailer. You may need to show your passport or let the retailer know where you reside (outside of the EU) to confirm eligibility for tax free.

Not all retailers participate in the tax-refund scheme, so it's wise to look for a tax free shopping sign or confirm with the store before making your purchase.

Before departure day: Be sure to complete any refund forms or documented steps before you the day you depart. Do not lose your receipts, and when you pack, be sure to keep your purchased goods easily accessible.

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When you depart the EU

Be sure that you have filled out all necessary forms before you leave the EU. At the departure point (usually an airport), you will need to locate the Customs office (unless otherwise noted by the tax free operator).

At the Customs office, you will need to show your complete forms, your passport and travel documents, as well as the goods you have purchased. The Customs officials will then approve your tax free refund request.

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Receiving your refund:

In Sweden, once you've successfully obtained the Customs stamp on your forms, indicating approval for a tax refund, the next steps to receive your refund are straightforward:

1. Head to the office of the tax-free operator, typically located within the airport, and present your Customs-stamped forms.

2. At this point, you'll have the option to choose how you'd like to receive your refund. The common methods include a credit card reimbursement, a transfer to your bank account, or crediting the amount to an e-wallet.

3. Please note that the processing of your refund may take a few weeks.

This process is designed to be efficient and user-friendly, ensuring that you can claim your tax refund with minimal hassle.

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Sweden Tax Free Tips

Look for Tax Free Shopping Signage:

Participating stores will often display "Tax Free Shopping" signs. Sometimes these are stickers on windows or doors. Additionally, some stores will have small tax free displays on the counters in the store.

Keep your receipts:

Be sure to keep your receipts, just in case. Without the receipt, you may be denied a Customs stamp.

Time it right:

Sometimes it may take a bit of time at the airport to find the Customs and obtain the required Customs stamp. There may be lines as well, so please plan ahead.

Pack Smart:

You may be required to show your purchased goods when you obtain the Customs stamp (export verification). Therefore, be sure to stop by for the stamp before checking in your bags and packing your purchased goods in an easily accessible place. You can always adjust or repack after you receive the stamp.

Don't be shy to ask for help.

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