Exploring Bergen with Pie VAT - a journey to the heart of Norway

Photos of houses in Bergen

Bergen, a city cradled by towering mountains and serene fjords, invites travellers to experience its magical blend of historic allure, dynamic culture, and awe-inspiring natural splendour. Home to the renowned Bryggen Wharf, a kaleidoscope of vibrantly hued wooden houses, and Hanseatic legacies that have earned UNESCO recognition, this Norwegian jewel brims with activities that pique the curiosity of its visitors.

Pie VAT will lead you through the must-see attractions, off-the-beaten-path treasures, and premier shopping destinations like Helly Hansen, Foto and WE ARE BRGN, while imparting invaluable insights to make your time in Bergen an enriching sojourn for all.

Bergen's best: not-to-miss activities

Bergen radiates an inviting warmth, woven from its heritage and awe-inspiring landscapes. Embark on your Bergen odyssey at the illustrious Bryggen Wharf, a historic waterfront and UNESCO World Heritage treasure that serves as a vibrant reminder of the city’s seafaring heritage. For the culturally inclined, the extensive Nordic masterpieces at KODE museums await your discovery. Adventure-seekers will find their thrill in ascending the cityscape aboard the Fløibanen funicular to Mount Fløyen's summit, offering breathtaking panoramas ideal for the memory books.
Bergen presents an infinite canvas, rich with historical depth and lush scenic backdrops.

Essential Bergen attractions

Bergen’s array of essential attractions is as varied as it is vast. The ancient Bergenhus Fortress, a cornerstone of Norwegian military history, invites a stroll through time. Not far from its age-old walls stands the majestic Håkon’s Hall, a medieval structure that has withstood the passage of centuries. For serenity, wander the verdant paths of the Bergen Botanical Garden, home to a collection of flora that encapsulates the beauty of growth and renewal. And for an exploration of oceanic wonder, the Bergen Aquarium is a must-visit, providing a portal to understand Norway’s harmonious bond with the sea. These landmarks each offer their own unique lens, crafting an immersive narrative of Bergen’s history, ecology, and cultural mosaic.

Unveiling Bergen's Retail Delights

Delving into the Heritage of Helly Hansen

Nestled within Bergen's beating heart, Helly Hansen stands as more than a retailer—it’s a testament to the city’s storied maritime connection. Founded in 1877, Helly Hansen has become an emblem of resilience and exploration, reflecting the spirit of Bergen itself. Here, outdoor aficionados can discover an arsenal of gear crafted to brave Norway’s robust wilderness. Shopping at Helly Hansen transcends a typical retail exchange; it’s an investment in durable Norwegian tradition, ensuring visitors are amply prepared for Bergen’s cornucopia of adventures.

Exploring the craftsmanship of Foto.no

Nestled within Bergen's cultural tapestry, Foto.no stands as a testament to the city's creative spirit and photographic passion. Founded with a vision to inspire and equip photography enthusiasts, this esteemed establishment offers a treasure trove of camera equipment, accessories, and expertise. Here, shutterbugs can peruse a curated selection of cutting-edge cameras, lenses, and photographic gear, all designed to capture Bergen's breathtaking landscapes and vibrant cityscapes in stunning detail. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an aspiring photographer, Foto.no provides the tools and knowledge to elevate your craft and immortalise your Bergen journey through the lens of your camera.

Discovering urban elegance at We Are BRGN

We Are BRGN emerges as a beacon of urban elegance for rainwear amidst Bergen's bustling streets, offering a curated collection of contemporary fashion and lifestyle essentials.
Funfact: Bergen has an average of 231 days a year with rain annually!
From sleek outerwear and stylish accessories to chic home decor, We Are BRGN caters to discerning individuals seeking timeless elegance and understated luxury. Step into this fashion-forward haven and immerse yourself in Bergen's vibrant urban culture, where sophistication meets effortless style at every turn.

Bergen insider secrets

Bergen through a local's eye: expert city navigation

The city’s compact core is delightfully pedestrian-friendly, placing top sites well within a leisurely stroll's distance. When venturing farther afield, the local transit network—encompassing buses, light rail, and occasional ferries—is both comprehensive and punctual, opening the gateway to the region’s expansive wonders.
Tourists often endorse the Bergen Card, affording complimentary public transport and rebates on attractions and eateries. Savour the true spirit of Bergen by venturing along hidden lanes to discover quaint cafés and boutique gems. Engage with the amicable residents, often keen to impart sage advice on exceptional haunts. These interactions reveal the city’s pulsating core, far removed from the tourist veneer.

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