Level Up Your 2024 Retail Strategy Using the Latest Nordic Tourism Insights

As a retailer in Denmark, Norway, or Sweden, you've likely noticed an influx of international tourists this past summer. The winds of travel are blowing favorably again after two years of pandemic restrictions grounded many global journeys.

While wonderful to see cities bustling and storefronts busy again, this rebound brings its own questions. Have tourist behaviors changed in recent years? What are they looking for now when they visit Copenhagen or Oslo?

We wanted to help Nordic retailers capitalize on the visitor momentum, so our team set out to analyze tourism performance and trends for Summer 2023.

Here are some of the key trends we learned to help inform your future strategies targeting global shoppers.

Scandi Style Drives Apparel Sales

Clothing topped purchased categories by a significant margin this summer (55.1%). The minimalist aesthetic Denmark, Norway, and Sweden have become renowned for continues gaining global appeal.

Beyond apparel, tourists concentrated spend on complementary categories like shoes (8.9%), handbags and accessories (2.6%). International brands like Rains along with outdoor leader Helly Hansen remain widely coveted.

This signals a clear opportunity for local retailers to showcase merchandise aligning with rising Nordic style trends. Blending globally novel items alongside products celebrating regional craftsmanship makes experiences distinctly Scandinavian.

Digital Refunds Appeal Across Generations

One finding that surprised us - 50 and 60-something travelers accounted for the most tax-free purchases this summer. The young, mobile-savvy set were outspent by their parents!

This reveals convenience may now outweigh tech hesitancy, even among mature shoppers. Simplifying tax refunds through digital platforms like mobile apps reduces hassle - a universal need.

It also highlights that innovations must provide clear value, not just appeal to the trends. Digital solutions succeed when they solve real pain points for customers. Are there ways you could simplify tedious processes to deliver a smoother, more satisfying experience?

Across industries, consumers increasingly expect seamless mobile experiences with minimal friction. Training staff on new technologies ensures they can assist customers of all ages and demographics. With the right support, innovations gain mainstream acceptance.

Align Offerings to Leisure Travelers

Over 80% of Nordic tourists visited for vacation this summer rather than business. They sought to immerse in the region's scenery, history, and culture at a relaxed pace.

For retailers, it signals an opportunity to double down on the leisure segment. Spotlight outdoor apparel for exploring, luggage for packing finds, and gifts showcasing Scandinavian motifs and craftsmanship.

Business travelers still need service, but vacationers simply comprise a much larger share of international shoppers. Catering to their interests ensures relevance and loyalty.

The data showed vacationers on longer Nordic trips preferred multi-day immersion over quick weekend getaways. Guide inventory management to maintain availability for extended stays. Offer combined shipping or centralized returns to simplify purchases across multiple cities.

Leveraging data helps reduce guesswork around tourist behaviors. Let empirical insights guide decisions to profitably meet leisure traveler needs.

Who's Coming? Demographic Profiles of Top Visitors

Our analysis identified the top origin countries for Nordic tourism. The United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom led the pack with 16%, 15%, and 8% of visitors respectively. China followed at nearly 6% as pandemic restrictions eased.

These profiles help guide marketing and merchandising. Tailor language assistance and payment options to key nationalities. Focus inventory and promotions toward the most lucrative age segments.

As global travel recovers further, new high-spend visitor segments will emerge. Maintain agility using data to respond quickly to demographic shifts. Pivot strategies nimbly to engage whichever travelers provide the greatest opportunity.

Continuously Evolve Strategies with Ongoing Data

Rising Nordic tourism provides a lucrative opportunity in 2024 and beyond. But consumer behaviors continuously change and it pays to stay on top of the latest trends.

Our full report dives deeper into visitor stats, purchase categories, shopping habits, sustainability impacts, and recommendations to guide strategies amid the rebound.

Data is your compass for navigating shifts in who visits, why they come, what they buy, and how they want to experience your brand. Let it guide you toward more satisfied tourists and revenue growth.

Want to dive deeper into the data and discover more revenue-driving insights? Download our full 20-page report here.

Nordic Tourism Analysis 2023
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