Unlock Your Store's Full Tourism Potential

Pie VAT offers the latest digital tax free solutions, which help you maximize your tourist strategy and international sales. Automated refund processing, data-driven tourist insights, marketing capabilities, POS integrations, and dedicated support – all this is free of charge for retailers.

Digital-First Tax Free Shopping Platform

Pie VAT pioneers the digital shift in tax free shopping, replacing paper-based refunds with automation.

We power retailers with an effortless end-to-end mobile experience for tourists and back-end tools to maximize tax free revenue.

What's in it for your store?

Digital First Platform

Pie VAT brings tedious paper-based tax refunds into the digital era. Our advanced platform powers automated verification and approval, processing claims digitally in just minutes. No more analog hassles!

Real-Time Data & Analytics

Gain insights into your international shoppers with a sophisticated merchant dashboard showing tourist demographics, purchasing patterns, product trends, and more.

Marketing Tools

Attract tourists with targeted push notifications, store promotions in our app, and special tourist offers and discounts.

POS Integrations

Our seamless integration with POS systems like Sitoo, Front Systems, and Shopify powers a unified retail experience.

Revenue Share Model

We only succeed when you succeed. Pie VAT earns revenue as a percentage of each completed tax-free transaction.

Dedicated Support

Our 24/7 customer service provides onboarding, staff training, ongoing support, and help handling tourist and refund inquiries.

Why industry-leading retailers choose Pie

“For us at Helly Hansen, it is essential to partner with high-performing and service-minded businesses, that reflect our well-known brand and trusted products. Pie VAT is one of those partners who, with their digital tax free solution, enable us to connect with travelers from around the world, delivering the tax free service they deserve.”

Helly Hansen

Retail Partner

“Pie VAT sees the world in the same way as we do and understands how important cloud-native, mobile first tech is to the future of the industry. We’re only scratching the surface of what’s possible and we’re incredibly excited to develop this partnership even further in order to bring more value to retailers across the globe.”

Jens Levin

Co-Founder and CEO at Sitoo

$70 billion in tax-free sales occur globally each year. Pie VAT provides the digital tools to help retailers maximize their share of this lucrative industry.

During peak tourism seasons, 1 in 3 customers in stores will be eligible for tax refunds. Our platform makes it easy to identify and assist these valuable international shoppers.

70% of travelers use smartphones while abroad. Pie VAT enables stores to reach tourists directly via app promotions, offers, and personalized messaging at every stage of their trip.

The average purchase made in a tax-free transaction has a 45% greater basket size compared to a non-tax-free sale. Unlocking more tax free revenue leads to substantial sales lifts for partner stores.

It’s Hard to Argue with Facts

Our digital platform provides everything you need to maximize your tax free tourism revenue.

What you’ll get with Pie VAT?

Access to Pie VAT’s digital tax free service

Competitive revenue share on every tax free transaction

The highest refund rate for tourists

No extra hardware, paperforms or printing out extra receipts

Onboarding and continuous support and training staff

24/7 customer service at the touch of a button

Access to your own real-time dashboard with all your relevant tax free data

Targeted real-time push notifications to drive foot traffic

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost for retailers to use Pie VAT?

No, registering with Pie VAT is 100% free for retailers. Our platform is provided at no cost in order to help stores maximize their tax free potential.

How does the refund process work?

It’s simple! - At purchase, simply ask the tourist for their email or phone number. They’ll then receive instructions on how to proceed directly in their inbox. After they’ve uploaded verification through the app, they’ll receive their refund directly. Pie VAT handles the entire back-end approval and remittance.

How long does it take tourists to receive their refund?

Our advanced digital platform allows Pie to process and verify claims much faster than traditional methods. Once tourists’ documentation is reviewed and approved, their tax refund will be issued within 24 hours. So they don't have to wait weeks or months to access their savings.

Is staff training provided?

Yes! We provide comprehensive training resources and onboarding so your staff is equipped to answer any tax free shopping questions from tourists. We’re also always available for any questions or any additional training.

Who handles customer support?

Our dedicated 24/7 multilingual customer service team handles all inquiries from tourists and partners to ensure a smooth, hassle-free experience.

Will I receive any in-store material?

We’ll provide you with signs and stickers for your store, as well as flyers that you can give tourists after they’ve made a tax-free purchase.

How long does it take to get started with Pie VAT?

You can book an introductory call with us in seconds by clicking the button below. We'll provide you with all the materials and documentation needed to begin offering Pie VAT in your store right away.