Helping a Norwegian Retailer Upgrade the Tax Refund Experience

How Active Brands Switched to Pie VAT After Using Global Blue

Three happy smiling women wearing skiing gear looking in the camera

The Client

Active Brands brings together a portfolio of premium Norwegian sporting brands including Kari Traa, Dæhlie, Sweet Protection, Johaug, Bula, Åsnes, and Vossatassar. Since its founding in 2009, Active Brands has expanded to over 250 employees in Oslo, Voss, Gothenburg, Trysil, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Denver, and Shanghai. We spoke with Sandra, the Store Manager at the Kari Traa Outlet Stavanger, Norway. This popular harbor town draws tourists visiting fjords as well as outdoor adventurers.

The Opportunity

Active Brands initially used Global Blue for tax refunds when they first opened. However, paper forms were creating headaches for staff and tourists. Sandra explained some customers even shopped elsewhere to avoid the refund hassle.

Our Solution

When introduced to Pie VAT's digital-first solution, Sandra advocated adopting our platform. Now her team processes tax refunds easily through their POS system, whereas customers complete most of the steps on their smartphones at a convenient time later.

The Impact

Since switching from Global Blue to Pie VAT, Active Brands has:

  • Made tax refunds effortless for staff and tourists

  • Seen international sales growth with the simplified process

  • Improved customer satisfaction and service quality

  • Enabled quick mobile refunds without hassle

"It's so much easier to use," Sandra raved. Pie VAT platform's ease of use and automation has been a total "game changer" compared to Global Blue.

The Outcome

By removing tax refund friction, Active Brands provides exceptional localized experiences that convert international browsers into loyal customers. Pie VAT looks forward to supporting Active Brands' continued Nordic and global expansion in the years ahead!