Digital Transformation of a 135-Year Old Retailer

How Dale Gruppen Advances Tax Free Tourism

Two women and a male walking up a cemented trail along a ocean cliff side

The Client

As a 135-year old Norwegian fashion and textile retailer, Dale Gruppen is steeped in rich family history while also embracing innovation. Under the leadership of current CEO Nana-Marie Dale Reichel, Dale delights local and international shoppers from its downtown Ålesund storefront and robust e-commerce operation.

The Opportunity

During summertime peak tourist season, tens of thousands of global cruise passengers flock to Ålesund's port annually. With Scandinavian brands and an elegant atmosphere, Dale Gruppen attracted many tax free shopping tourists. However, paper-based refunds meant convoluted paperwork and airport validations – frustrating tourists and overwhelming staff.

Our Solution

We implemented our mobile-first, self-service tax refund solution. Now international Dale Gruppen shoppers simply snap purchase receipts in our app and process refunds in a few taps post-travel – no more stressful paperwork or refund desk validations.

The Impact

By digitizing tax free shopping for Dale Gruppen, we turned complexity into simplicity:

  • VAT refund friction reduced for a seamless tourist experience

  • Admin workload lightened through automation

  • Unified view of performance across all locations

  • Additional sales reach through tourist app promotion

"The onboarding process was very easy and our employees understood it right away," Nana-Marie explains. "The refund process is much easier now for customers than before when we were using Global Blue."

The Outcome

As next-gen CEO, Nana-Marie blends Dale Gruppen’s rich history with digital capabilities to facilitate tax free tourism. In preserving Norwegian retail tradition while unlocking global shopper potential, our solution helps Dale Gruppen achieve 135 more years of success.